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Why Good Design Is Good Business

good website design and graphic design
Photo by fauxels from Pexels

First impressions are everything.

If your website and print materials are not projecting the right image, or impression, to your prospective clients you could lose out on their business.

We are all influenced by visuals. It's big business to match the right design, to the right consumer, to get the right reaction. A trip to the supermarket will illustrate that.

What's the right business image for you?

The one that "talks" to your prospective clients and shows them you are a reliable, professional business. This is where knowing your audience is very important.

Some businesses will need a more modern, executive-looking design for their website and marketing. For others, having a more casual image makes more sense. Maybe you need a retro, or a darker grunge look to match your business.

Working with a professional graphic or website designer will help with this. Their knowledge and experience will help you fine tune who your audience is and what your design needs to do to attract new business.

Good design = good impressions.

A poorly designed website, or printed marketing piece, could cost you potential clients and revenue. It’s all about your audience's impression of your business.

If your design looks old and dated, it could be saying that your business is stuck in the past. Or worse, no longer in business. If the design is amateurish, it might say to your prospects that you don’t take your business seriously.

You always want to project a professional look and feel to all aspects of your business’s marketing and collateral pieces. That includes anything printed, email blasts, and your website.

You and your business want to be taken seriously. So take the design elements of your business seriously.

Are you making a good impression now?

Consider the print collateral you currently hand out to clients. Review the website that you many not have looked at in the last year. Or three.

Do these items truly represent your business image now? Are they projecting the right impression to get potential clients beating down your door?

A good designer will help you evaluate your website and marketing collateral. They will be able to make suggestions and create a game plan to help elevate your business's image.

By Kim Adams