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Graphic Design

A Graphic Designer You Can Trust

Creative Solutions For Your Printed Marketing and Conference Materials.

Keep your brand consistent between your web design, email marketing and other marketing materials so you can build client loyalty. From the smallest print ad to your office welcome poster, you want to make sure all of the items look and feel like they are from the same business.

For over 21 years I have worked with businesses providing a variety of graphic design services.

As a graphic designer I work with the client one-on-one to create the exact piece that your business needs. Nothing cookie-cutter. So their graphic design project solves their business problem.

Some graphic designer services include:

  • Posters and Signage
  • Informational Brochures and Postcard Designs
  • Advertising in Newspapers and Trade Magazines
  • Office Letterhead and Business Card Designs
  • White Papers, Compendiums and Data Sheets
  • Powerpoint Presentation Designs to Impress Your Clients
Graphic Designer & Conference Graphic Design Examples
My graphic design examples including Powerpoint presentations, white papers, extensive conference graphic design materials and business cards.

Conference Graphic Design Services

Do you have an annual conference that you need graphic design help with?

Conferences can generate a lot of print materials. From items like a 6' long vinyl banner, to a full 12 page program, or room schedule posters for directing attendees.

I have experience working for a variety of conferences.

Keeping things organized for what graphic design items need to be created, reviewed and sent to the printer. I track when everything needs to be done in each of their various stages. And keep ahead of when and where all of the final printed materials need to be at the location for set up.

Some conference graphic design services include:

  • Conference Programs and Agendas
  • Room Schedule Signage for Attendees
  • Trade Show Booth Signage and Table Displays
  • Attendee Handouts and Flyers
  • Banner Designs
  • Directional Floor Signage
  • Powerpoint Presentations to Wow Your Audience
  • Information Posters and Signs for Attendees

Would you like an experienced graphic designer to help with your next print project?
Feel free to contact me to ask if I can help.