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Tiger Studios, Custom Web Design & Development Company

About Solopreneur
Kim Adams

Owner of Tiger Studios, Web Designer & Developer, Graphic Designer

Greetings, and welcome to my website!

It is so nice to meet you.

I am a freelance website designer, graphic designer, and solopreneur of Tiger Studios.

I am an expert in hand-coding sites in HTML and CSS; with some skills in PHP, Javascript, Cold Fusion, and ASP.

Being able to build a website from scratch, instead of using a drag-and-drop web builder, makes for a better understanding of websites. It creates cleaner code behind the scenes and creates a faster-loading web page. Page speed is a huge component of search engine optimization.

When your web designer knows how to build a website then they know what is doable with the design. So they don't end up promising you something that cannot actually happen on your site.

A Web Designer With a Super Power

What is it?

I have the ability to design a website that is just what the client wants. Even if they don't know exactly what they want.

Clients have given me full direction, no direction, vague ideas, cocktail napkin sketches, and illegible printouts of their website ideas. With my superpower, I can "read" the information and pull together a design of a website that they love.

Website Designer Kim Adams

Some More About Me

  • I moved from Colorado in 2013 to Florida because I don't like being cold and I love beaches. Hurricanes not so much.
  • I have owned two wonderful horses and rode for 23 years.
  • I read. A lot.
  • I crochet. Ask me about my latest project!
  • I have donated to the same three non-profits for many years. They do extraordinary work for animals—check them out: Colorado Horse Rescue, Cat Care Society, and The Wild Animal Sanctuary.
  • I am both a Star Wars and Star Trek fan.
  • I garden and grow orchids. Sometimes successfully.
  • I compete in Disney 5Ks and have metals and photos to prove it. Kudos to Disney photographers for making me look good in April Florida heat and humidity. That is a true talent.
  • I play golf, billiards, bowling, and pickleball. Badly.