You have a business blog. Now what?

By Kim Adams

So your New Year’s resolution was to create a blog for your business web site. Congratulations! But, now that you have it what should you do?

Allow People To Subscribe

You want people to read what you are writing. Make it easy for people by allowing them to subscribe to your blog on your web site. From there you can decide if you want them to get an excerpt of your latest post with a link to read more on your site, or to get the full post in their email box.

Consistency Is The Key

Frequently adding new posts to your blog does several good things for your web site. First, adding content brings the search engines back to your site and improves your site’s page rank. It gives the search engines access to more keywords for visitors, and potential clients, to find your business. Plus, frequent posts keeps your visitors coming back to your site to read your content.

Knowledge Is Power

Sharing your knowledge in your blog posts helps your clients and places you as an expert in your field. Don’t be afraid to share what you know, thinking that people will take that information and do it themselves. Your information will actually help put potential client’s fears to rest knowing that you have the knowledge and skills they need for their project.

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