Why Good (Graphic and Web) Design Is Good Business

By Kim Adams

First impressions are everything. If you are not giving the right business image, or impression, to your prospective clients you could lose out on their business.

What Impression Are You Giving Your Clients

How do you project the right business image? Let’s use an example. If you go to a business meeting you usually dress in business attire. Clean, pressed, professional clothes, not jeans and a tee shirt. Unless maybe you are the CEO of Facebook. You want to give your prospective clients the visual impression that you are confident, know what you are doing and can handle their problems and needs. That impression should translate to your online and offline business marketing. So if you are showing your web site or brochure to the same prospective clients, you want to give them the confident, professional “business attire” impression instead of the “jeans” impression of your company.

Make A Good Business Impression With Design

A poorly designed web site, or printed marketing piece, could cost you potential clients and revenue. It’s all about impressions. If the design looks old it could be saying that your business is stuck in the past, or worse no longer in business. If the design is amateurish it might say to your prospects that you don’t take your business seriously. So why should they? You always want to project a professional look and feel to all aspects of your business’s marketing and collateral pieces. You and your business want to be taken seriously, so take the design elements of your business seriously.

Are You Making A Good Impression Now

Consider the print collateral you currently hand out to clients. Review the web site that you many not have looked at in the last year (or two). Do these items truly represent the business impression you want to show the world and the vast number of potential clients you want beating down your door?

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