What Disney Has Taught Me

By Kim Adams

I don’t just enjoy vacationing at Disney World—some of my long standing clients can tell you I go there often—but I have learned some things there too. Disney is a huge global company and it does two things very well, branding and customer service.


All items down to the smallest detail are within Disney’s corporate branding standards. From the obvious web site applications and print elements, to the not so obvious “hidden mickeys” in their architecture, Disney does not deviate from their branding. And neither should you.

I highly suggest creating a branding standard document or web site to keep everyone, from your employees to your vendors, using logos, colors, font, etc. in a consistent way across all types of outlets. That includes web sites, graphic design, outdoor signage, T.V., radio ads, and more. Branding can include graphic elements and less tactile elements like a state of mind or vision that the company wants to portray. Think of Disney’s “happiest place on earth” slogan.

Customer Service

Disney employees are called “cast members” and their customers are called “guests”. Guest is a great term. Think about it. When a relative or friend is a guest in your home you make special plans. Stock their favorite foods, show them the sites, etc. What would happen if you thought of your customers as guests?

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