Web Site Maintenance. You or a Web Company?

By Kim Adams

Should you make your own web site changes?

When I typically start working with a client on a web site project I ask them how they want to make updates after the site is live. These days you can’t just create a web site and forget about it for a couple years until you do another redesign. The client’s answer will affect and steer the project in one finished direction or another.

Before you start your web site project you need to ask yourself a question. Do you want to take over the maintenance of the site and do it yourself, or do you want someone else to take over that task? There are some pros and cons for each.

Do-It-Yourself Web Site Maintenance


If you decide to maintain the site yourself you will probably end up with a content management system solution since it does not require you to know HTML or programming to make content changes. Want to make a change to your content or add a photo to the site at 4am? Go ahead. No waiting necessary.


But do you have that time to spare in your busy life? Maybe 4am is the only free time you have to work on the site because of all of your other business duties. What if something goes wrong when you upload a file or you want to add a new page to your site and you are not sure how to do it? With no webmaster in place you could be on your own for troubleshooting. Taking up your precious work day time trying to fix your site when you really want to be making money selling your services or products.

Using a professional and experienced web company


When you have a web company or webmaster on hand, you just send them a list of changes and let them do the work. That way you have time to do what you are good at—concentrating on growing your own business. No stress, no mess. You won’t be getting bogged down in the small details that make your site function. The Webmaster helping you with your sites maintenance will already know the coding or programming necessary to easily make the changes you requested.


When using a web site company for your site updates you will have to pay a monthly retainer or an hourly fee. Not all webmasters have quick turnaround for changes so make sure you choose a company wisely. If the company who put your web site together was not reliable during that project process chances are things will not change during the maintenance mode on your site. You will also have to spend a little work time to project manage and make sure the tasks are completed, completed correctly and completed on time. Again, depending on the company you choose to work with this process can be very easy or very difficult.

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