The Joys Of Moving A Business

By Kim Adams

Since starting Tiger Studios in 1999 I have moved five times but all within the state of Colorado. Now I am on to a new chapter and moving all the way to Florida. I am not saying that the previous moves were not hard, but a cross country move is a whole different ball game.

Keep Your Head On Straight

I would imagine that moving any size business is a challenge. First are the distractions. You know that you need to pack your stuff, but you also have projects to complete. And when you pack your stuff you have to be careful that you don’t pack too much, end up needing something before you leave and then having to open up previously taped boxes to get to it.

Don’t Drop It!

Then there is a matter of delicate computer equipment. I am optimistic that my movers will do well by my iMac but I will still worry that something will happen. It’s my lively hood — how can I not be a little worried. Unless you actually keep the original packaging of your computer (and who does this) the movers have to “make do” with boxes that they have. In addition you also have to worry about sensitive electronic and paper information. Do you pack it or keep it on you?

Can You Hear Me Now?

And while the movers are taking all your stuff across country, how are you going to keep doing your business? In my case I am using a 13″ laptop — which will take a little getting used to after having a large iMac. On top of that you have to make sure you have all of the files you might need while waiting for the movers. Make sure your applications open correctly, you have your passwords and the files that you might need. And very important, still get emails and phone calls from clients.

Where Did All These Boxes Come From?

Once you finally have all of your boxes in your new location make sure you can set up your business quickly. Have a box labeled to be opened first that contains your equipment cables, phone, peripherals and any other items you would need right away. Sometimes it takes you a few weeks to go through all those boxes and you don’t want to have to wait that long to be able to print because you packed the cable in the wrong place.

In Closing

So in case you want to join the insanity and move your business, here are some tips:

  • Insure your expensive business equipment for damages
  • Backup all of your files on an external hard drive and keep it with you
  • Label the cables for your equipment — so you know what cable goes where
  • In a long distance move make sure you can still operate your business – have a laptop, the files you will need, make sure you can still get email and phone calls
  • Place items you need to reopen your business fast in one box — label it Open First!
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