Simple Feng Shui Tips For Your Business

By Kim Adams

Happy Chinese New Year. 2013 is the year of the snake, and with every new year feng shui practioners suggest various changes to office and home spaces.

Feng shui is the practice of balancing energy in a space for good health and fortune for the people living and working in it. There is a lot of information out there from different schools and practices making it confusing on what to do or not to do.

I have found over the years that some tips work, others do not, and a lot of it is just common sense. Like marketing your business, if you do not see results with feng shui you need to try something else. So I came up with a few tips that are quick and easy to implement.

Desk Location

Make sure when you are sitting at your desk that your back is not towards your office door. You want to make sure you can see people who are coming in. The best position for your desk would be diagonal from the door and facing it. That is the “power” position.

Wealth Corner

Bring prosperity and money luck to your business by enhancing your wealth corner. To locate the wealth corner of your office, stand at your door facing into the office. The back far left area of the office will be your wealth corner. The wealth corner of your desk would be the back left area when you are sitting in your chair.

Place a plant in that area to represent growth of your finances. Practitioners suggest a jade plant because the leaves look like coins but any healthy rounded edge plant will do. Important papers, cash boxes, or check books can also be kept there.

Organization and Clutter Busters

Clutter and mess not only waste your time but also make the energy in your space “stuck”. New business opportunities and growth can’t happen if you are “stuck”. Clear out broken or unused items from your office. Throw away old paperwork you no longer need. As you go through this process you might notice that your office feels fresher, more energetic, more ready for new opportunities.

Try out these tips and see if you notice any results with your business.

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