Making The Most Of Your Print Advertising

By Kim Adams

Advertising your products and services in magazines or newspapers can be a good way to make people aware of your business. Because print advertising can get costly, you want to make sure that you take full advantage of the opportunity to reach potential clients.

What Your Graphic Designer Needs to Know

Make sure you let your graphic designer know a few key things about that ad you need, other than just what photo(s) and text you want to use. The designer will need to know:

  • size of the ad,
  • whether the ad needs to be in full color or black and white,
  • what dpi does the magazine/newspaper ask for the ad to be in,
  • and what the finished file type will be needed. Usually a PDF is requested, but they can give you the specifics.

What You Need to Do

Keep in mind that you don’t want a lot of text to clutter up your advertisement. You want the design to be appealing and eye catching since you will be competing with other ads or articles on the same page. You also don’t want to have so much text that your graphic designer needs to put it in 5pt type to get it all in. Make sure the advertisement has a clear message about what you, or your company, does or sells.

And Don’t Forget…

  • to add your company logo and/or name,
  • contact information,
  • business address, if applicable,
  • and most importantly, don’t forget to add your web site address.

You might want to think about setting up a special web landing page to direct the advertisement viewers to. Doing this allows you can track conversions, or how many people went to your web site after seeing your ad. You will get a better idea of the amount of revenue you received from clients seeing your advertisement and whether it’s worth continuing with that publication, message or style of ad.

Social Media

Once your advertisement is completed consider placing a JPG of it on your business Facebook page. It will reach a new audience and potentially increase the mileage of your ad.

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