How Usable Is Your Business Website?

By Kim Adams

Not everyone has a big budget to hire website usability researchers to review their business site and see how functional it is for their users. So what are your options? There are a few things you can do to make sure your website is easy to use for your visitors.

The next time you look at your website keep some of these questions in mind:

How does your content read on the page?

Is the text legible, large enough to read on a monitor or tablet? Is there enough contrast between the color of the font and the background it sits on?

Is the information on your site easy to find?

Is the most important content accessible in just one or two clicks of the mouse or is it buried 10 pages deep?

Where is your navigation?

Is the website’s navigation consistent in location, order and titles?

Can the visitor, and your potential clients, find your contact information?

Is it easy to find the name of your business, it’s phone number and address?

Does the visitor have a clear call to action?

Do they know what you want them to do with your website? Subscribe to a newsletter, buy a product, call for information?

Do your own testing

For an inexpensive way to test your site’s usablity, ask a co-worker, friend or spouse who has little to no experience working within the website to look at it. Ask them if they can find certain important information that you want your potential clients to find on the site.

Then ask them what they thought of the overall experience. Was it easy to find the information? Did they get suck? This experiment can be very eye opening on how effective your site is in gaining potential clients.

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