Email Newsletters Or A Web Site Blog For Marketing Your Business?

By Kim Adams

Thinking about expanding your online marketing efforts and trying to decide what would be the right choice for your business? Both email newsletters and web site blogs are good for marketing your business but for different reasons.

Direct Marketing With Email Newsletters

Email marketing is a very focused way to “push” information to your customers and prospects. It is a sales oriented means of communication. Because of this an email is a great way to directly contact your customers about your various products and services. It is also a more effective way to generate direct sales.

Content in email newsletters tend to be more about your company, new products you are now offering, sale notices, or case studies.

If you decide to use email marketing, make sure the email highlights just one product or service at a time. Make sure you don’t just mention your brand new offerings. Remind them about your tried and true products, and your available core services. This strategy will help keep you in their minds.

A good rule of thumb is to send emails every month but not more than twice a month. You want to be on your customer’s mind but not annoy them in the process.

Indirect Marketing With A Web Site Blog

A blog is a more passive means of marketing. You are creating information that will draw new prospects to your site and your business through search engines. It is an effective content management strategy for your web site, creates quality keywords related to your business, which get found in search engines, and brings your site traffic and new customers.

With a blog you don’t directly communicate with your customers. It is a great way to build a brand, become known as an expert in your field and find prospective customers.

Blog posts tend to be smaller and more frequent than email newsletters. Write about various topics that your prospects would be interested in, and make sure you add in a post once in a while about your company’s products and services.

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