Business Cards Are NOT Dead

By Kim Adams

Recently I updated my business cards in preparation for a conference and noticed I had a lot of old unused cards left. Most of my business is done via the phone or email so I don’t give out a lot of business cards. That made me wonder about how useful these cards are now.

Why We Still Need Business Cards

Even in this very connected world we still need business cards. What are you going to do if you are at a business meeting with a new prospect, or making new contacts at a networking event? Are you just going to tell them your email address and hope they remember it? I know that if I don’t write things down right away I forget and I am sure many of you out there have the same problem. Business cards contain your contact information so you can hand it out to people and they don’t have to remember or write down your information. It’s right there. Making it easier, and more likely, that they will contact you in the future.

Update Your Business Card Now

Been a few years since you updated your business cards too? You could be missing out on an opportunity to give people more information about you.

Make sure your contact information, including business phone number, cell number and fax number, are still correct or relevant. Remove old information. Revise your title to be more descriptive or to reflect your new position within your company. Are you active in social media? List the URLs where potential clients can interact with you via social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Has your company’s branding changed since the last time you had your cards made? Revise and refresh the design so all of your print and web collateral match and look cohesive. Make sure you take full advantage of space on the front and back of your business card. Think of these cards as very small representatives of your business, skills and capabilities. A graphic designer can really help you with this part of the process so you look professional and stand out from the free templates that printers might be trying to give you. You don’t want your business card to look like everyone else’s.

Add A QR Code For Better Results

Consider adding a QR code to your card. (What is a QR Code? Check out my previous post about QR Codes here.) People will be able to take your card and scan your contact information directly into the address book of their phone or other electronic device. That way if your card is lost your information is not. Increasing your chances of hearing from them in the future.

What Information Should You List On Your Card

You definitely need your name, email address, one main or most often used business phone number and your web site address on your business card, at a minimum. You want to make sure that people can easily contact you when they have a job that only you can handle.

Other information could be a list of your social media accounts, fax number, your business address, business organizations or affiliations you are connected with, and even a list of your skills. Again, a graphic designer can help you choose what information should be on your card.

Don’t Forget About Card Readers

Some people scan business cards right into their computer so keep this in mind when you are designing your card. Make sure there is enough contrast between the background of the card and your contact information. Doing this will better ensure that your information will scan correctly.

Business Card Alternatives

People don’t tend to keep business cards for long, and because of their size are easily lost. Think of alternative out-of-the-box ways that will make people want to keep your card. Come up with a useful application that your prospects can use every day or week. Create a bookmark with your contact information and list of skills in an attractive design. Make a perpetual calendar that stays on your prospects desk and reminds them that you have skills they need. Brainstorm and come up with some fun alternative ideas.

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