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“Kim Adams, principal, Tiger Studios, is the web designer-developer to hire. Kim creates websites that are equally beautiful and functional, expertly handles SEO, and designs the allied pieces to further your brand identity. Importantly, Kim understands the customer visiting your site, what they need, how they think, and what to do to keep them on your site. How many web professionals are truly fast, responsive, fairly priced, and produce beautiful work? Kim Adams, she’s the one.”

Heidi Olinger
Owner of Pretty Brainy

Reliable and Nimble Virtual Design Company

Being small means being nimble, flexible and quick in completing your projects in a timely manner. Personalized and individual service means you get what you need.

Plus, having the skill set of both a web designer and a web developer means you get your web site project done by one person, not two or three. That saves you time and money.

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A Little About Web Designer Kim Adams

My first love is design—web design, graphic design, email design, even interior design, although I limit that to just my office and home.

I am an expert in hand coding sites in HTML and CSS, with skills in Cold Fusion, ASP and PHP. I think hand coding makes for a better understanding of how a web page is built and functions, as well as cleaner code and a faster loading page.

I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts Communication Art and Design’s program with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Electronic Media.

Web Designer Kim Adams
A year after graduation the world wide web made itself known and I was hooked on this new technology. I taught myself how to code and design sites by book and never looked back.

Now we have responsive web sites that allow for even more flexibility. That is what is so great about this field. After designing and developing hundreds of web sites, there is always something new to learn.

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